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Welcome to the website of the 'Kaktus-Klub' journal editorial board. The journal appears quarterly and contains information for those who are keen on cacti and other succulent plants. Here you can subscribe to the journal, read previous volumes, purchase seeds, plants and books on the topic.


Aylostera albipilosa
Aylostera deminuta ? VG-993, Sa Candelaria, Salta
Aylostera deminuta GP-74 = VG-1097, Sa Candelaria, Salta (new)
Aylostera deminuta VG-1179, Sa Medina, Tucuman, 1865 m (new)
Aylostera donaldiana
Aylostera flavistyla фото и растение Натальи Пономарёвой (new)
Aylostera heliosa (new)
Aylostera heliosa 'yellow flower' LH-1227
Aylostera heliosa v. condorensis
Aylostera heliosa v. condorensis VG-1186, Alto de Cajas, Bolivia
Aylostera jujuyensis VG-764, El Volcan, Jujuy
Aylostera muscula
Aylostera pseudominuscula VG-1206, Rodeo Pampa, Salta фото Наталии Щелкуновой
Aylostera spec. (fiebrigii aff.) VG-1190, Yesera, Bolivia
Aylostera spec. (spegazziniana?) VG-788, Campo la Cruz, Salta
Aylostera spec. VG-949-1, Canaletas, Bolivia
Aylostera tamboensis VG-949-4, Canaletas, Bolivia

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