Кактус Клуб
Welcome to the website of the 'Kaktus-Klub' journal editorial board. The journal appears quarterly and contains information for those who are keen on cacti and other succulent plants. Here you can subscribe to the journal, read previous volumes, purchase seeds, plants and books on the topic.


Frailea 'Aurora' Gf 881 (Uhlig)
Frailea angelesii
Frailea asterioides
Frailea cataphracta v.tuyensis AA12 растение из коллекции П.Пыткова
Frailea chiquitana VHR 1314
Frailea pumila GN89-135-332a
Glandulicactus crassihamatus (mathssonii) RUS-001 фото Евгения Сафронова
Glandulicactus uncinatus v.wrightii растение СОКК, фото Дмитрия Демина (new)
Gymnocactus viereckii Lau 1159

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